Software Development and Licensing

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Software Development and Licensing

The world of software development and licensing moves quickly. Whether you are a provider of software services or a consumer of those services, or whether you license software services to third parties or from third parties, you need to ensure that your contract protects your intellectual property, addresses cutting-edge technologies, and effectively describes the services to be rendered. Having a lawyer who understands technology is critical.

Commercial Leasing

The lease your company signs for office, warehouse, or retail space will impact your company for years. It is wise to have an experienced attorney take a look at your lease before signing it. Doug Marks Law offers full-service leasing counsel. We have drafted and negotiated hundreds of leases, lease amendments, estoppel certificates, SNDA’s, sub-leases, and assignments in every area of commercial leasing and across the country.

Manufacture and Supply Agreements

Most manufacture and supply agreements today involve many intellectual property issues. Protecting that intellectual property through the design and development process and through its end to the manufacture and distribution process is critical, and you need a well-thought-out agreement that incorporates those issues in the overall context of a manufacture and supply relationship.Doug Marks has a great deal of experience helping clients navigate these issues and will help you draft your own agreement or review an agreement proposed by your business partner.

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