Meet Doug Marks

Doug Marks - Sandpoint Attorney

Doug Marks hails from the little town of Sandpoint, Idaho, but his clients are located in cities across the United States. His clients consist mostly of software developers, technology start-ups, manufacturers, and retailers. Doug serves as outside general counsel for several large well-established businesses.  He also offers estate planning services to his local clients.

Why clients are so happy:

Doug Marks has a broad range of experience in many industries and in many legal fields. His experience in corporate bankruptcy, manufacture and supply, software development, civil litigation, European data privacy protection, and California Consumer Privacy Act help Doug understand why the various contractual provisions his clients see are important. His experience generally helps him know which contractual issues are negotiable and which are not, which saves his clients time and money spent on attorney fees.

Doug Marks also understands that his clients want to sign contracts, not just negotiate them. They want a lawyer to work through issues, not create new ones. To that end, he always suggests reasonable positions for his clients to take in contract negotiations and helps them actually reach deals with their business partners. He responds promptly to e-mails and calls, and he works quickly, providing efficient and effective legal services.

Work in Various Fields:

Doug enjoys helping his individual clients make financial plans for their children.  That involves drafting wills and trusts and helping clients think through what will happen when they are gone.  Most of Doug's local clients consist of individuals and couples seeking help with their wills and trusts, and that is a fulfilling part of Doug's work.

Privacy and data security has recently become a huge issue for many of Doug's corporate clients, and he has developed a great deal of experience helping clients become compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in force in Europe.

Start-ups, especially technology start-ups, have always been a point of focus for Doug.  Whether it's licensing software or technological devices themselves, and whether it involves manufacture and supply or just online downloading, Doug has the experience to offer valuable advice to all his clients.

Current clients include:

Sugarhouse Aerospace, a company that launches small payloads into space (1,300 pound rockets)

Claravine, a software company that helps their clients understand traffic patterns and website activity of their customers

ATL Technology, designer and manufacturer of medical devices and related technology, with operations in the United States and abroad (Utah)

Industrial Horsepower, provider offering pipeline and power infrastructure maintenance services (Utah)

RackWare, provider of services that migrate enterprise operations to the cloud and provide disaster recovery to institutions and other large organizations

Rhino-Hide, a company that is in the early stages of producing a material that can be poured into walls (between studs of existing walls or new construction) and quickly becomes bullet-proof

Broad Range of Experience:

Doug started with a small firm in Sandpoint, Idaho that had large national clients, so he gained valuable experience early in his career in a wider range of business contexts. He did a great deal of corporate bankruptcy work, both debtor and creditor, civil litigation, corporate formation and governance, and commercial leasing for clients both large and small (mostly on the tenant side).In the later part of his career, he has attracted a large number of clients in the technology start-up field all over the nation, where his broad range of experience greatly benefits new companies. 

Service for Coldwater Creek:

For 13 years, Doug served as outside assistant general counsel for Coldwater Creek, Inc., the national women’s clothing retailer that was based in Sandpoint, Idaho, which had more than 450 stores in high-class malls and lifestyle centers across the United States. During that time, Doug managed the legal team that negotiated all 450 leases and negotiated all the general contractor and architect contracts that provided design and construction services. He also negotiated and managed the construction contracts for distribution centers in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Parkersburg, West Virginia. He handled all contracts with IT providers and other general contract matters.

Work with Kunzler Bean & Adamson

Much of Doug’s career has been spent providing legal service to corporate clients as part of a smaller firm, but he is now of counsel in the Salt Lake based Kunzler Bean & Adamson (KB&A), and he enjoys working as a part of that team. The firm offers a wide range of business services, which gives Doug the ability to consult on almost any legal issue with a partner. Whether the need is for setting up a corporation or LLC, private equity, financing or other related transaction, commercial litigation, patent, copyright, or other intellectual property, clients find that KB&A’s attorneys offer experienced and responsive legal services on the cutting edge of business.

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